Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kak Wayang : Elizabeth (Movie 1998)

More than a year I haven't update this blog. I was too busy with life and some other things... ^__^ .

Last weekend I was alone at home..and spent my time with "Elizabeth" movie on DIVA Astro. Cate Blanchet play a role as Elizabeth. Later I found out that Cate has won several awards for her prtrayal of Elizabeth. She was nominated i 7 categories including Best Actress. She also received the prize of Best Makeup.

And later I learned that "Elizabeth" is a 1998 biographical film written by Michael Hirst, directed by Shekhar Kapur.

The story is about the popular and intelligence woman Queen of England "Queen Elizabeth 1" a daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn. Her mother was executed when Elizabeth was two years and eight months. She also was imprisoned in the Tower of London by her half-sister.

For me she was a strong woman, smart and clever in making decision. She has many good and experience Councillors but she is...really has strong determination and strength. She deals with various threats to her reign including her. Imagine ...she  strongly survive in the society controlled by man & conspiracy and complot.

She did not marry but has a secret affair with her childhood sweetheart, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (handsome mamat ni). But sadly when later she find out that he is married .

Tu lah...actually ngeri tgk life zaman tu...tak berani nak tulis

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kaki Wayang : Roommate

The story about college life. Sara (Minka Kelly) arrives at ULA college. and stay with her roomate Rebecca (Leighton Meester). She also met new romance with stephen (Cam Gigandet). Rebecca is cute, loyal and she is psychotic. Whenever Sara having a problems, Rebecca will help, solve the problem with her own way and Rebecca doesn't know about that. As the time goes on, Rebecca begins to become obsessed, unbalanced and even a killer...and so on..and on...:)

Tengok movie ni last month :)...oklah lah....boleh tahan


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kaki wayang: Clash of the Titans

Since a week ago I was thinking to have a break for myself. After too occupied with so many things..work.n work n work again..n family...etc. so..today I plan to have a window shopping, go to bookshop n see a movie. There are many movies at the cinema this time...”Iron Man”, “IP Man”, “Loser”......almost 20 film on showing today. And so many people in a long queue... to get a ticket...

I choose Clash of the Titans the story based upon the Greek myth of Perseus. Directed by Louis Leterrier and starring Sam Worthington, Mads Mikkelsen, Alexa Davalos, Danny Huston, Gemma Artenton, Pete Postelthwaite, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson. This is a story of Persius, the son of God, Zeus but was raised as a fisherman in a fisherman family. One day, Perseus and his family went to fish.Hades the Zeus’brother came and killed the fisherman (Perseus’s family). So Persius wanted to kill Hades. So and so and so...Persius and a group of warrior started a journey to get the Medusa head. Many things happened during the journey...panjang kalau nak cerita. Persius got the Medusa head with the help of the warriors and his friends. He used the head of Medusa to turn the Kraken into stone. And banished Hades back to the Underworld using the special sword given by his true father, Zeus.

Best cerita ni. So berbaloi juga beratur panjang masa beli tiket.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kaki Wayang: Alice in Wanderland.

Alice in Wonderland is a 2010 is a fantasy film directed by Tim Burton. Written by Linda Woolverton. Starring by Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Michael Sheen and Stephen Fry.
In this new film, Alice who is now 19 years old returns to Wonderland, a place she visited when she was thirteen years previously. She is told that she is the only one who can kill a dragon/ monster Jabberwocky.
It’s started when Alice attending her engagement party to wed her to Hamish Ascot. At the moment she has to wear engagement ring, she runs away to chase after a rabbit, and accidentally falls into a rabbit hole. Then, started her journey to Wonderland. Here she met many weird friends which later bring her to red queen palace...and so on..and on...later fight with the daragon...kill it...and the Wonderland become peaceful Land under white hair queen.

This Is a fantasy adventure film for children.

Sesuai untuk kanak2. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kaki Wayang: Niyang Rapik

Macam biasa, kala hujung minggu lalu yg lapang, rasa macam nak menonton filem. Beratur menunggu giliran membeli tiket sambil mencongak filem apa yg nak ditonton. Akhirnya bila berada dikaunter tiket jam telah melewati 5 minit 12 tengahari, Tanya petugas, filem apa yg paling hampir ditayang..."Niyang Rapik"...masa 12.00 tengahari..oklah...mungkin masa lima minit tayangan iklan. Masih dapat seat beberapa baris dari belakang.

Cerita seram...my sister macam biasa...tengok sambil tutup muka...rugi beli tiket kalau tutup muka sepanjang tayangan filem. Kadag2 nampak dia tenguk dari celah2 jari je.

I menghayati panorama pemandangan alam semulajadi yg menjadi latar layar filem tersebut...memang cantik. Tasik Kenyir.........empangan, tunggul kayu yg beceracak dari permukaan air, tebing batu semulajadi, ada gua...ada rumah terapung di atas air atau mungkin boleh kata rumah rakit. Tentu seronok kalau dapat bercuti di .situ sambil duduk diberanda membaca novel..sambil berjuntai kaki kegigi air.tenang dan jauh dari kesibukan kota.

Filem mengisahkan lima rakan baik bekas graduan kaji purba yang pernah membuat kajian di Niyang rapik. Setelah balik ke Kota, salah seorang dari mereka iaitu Zack (Fizz fairuzz) ditimpa penyakit misteri hingga membawa maut. Bertitik noktah dari sini, mereka menjangka musibah ini mungkin disebabkan kesilapan rakan mereka terbawa balik salah satu barang purba yg dijumpa. lalu empat rakan karibnya iaitu Helmi, Saiful, Amir dan Zizan kembali semula ke Niyang rapik...dan bermula perjalanan..mereka dihantui pelbagai misteri...hingga membongkar misteri kematian laila (Lyana Jasmay). Lakunan Lyana Jasmay, Zed Zaidi, Fizz Fairuz, Awal Ashaari, Shaheizy Sam, Nasir Bilal Khan, Shahronizam Nor dan seorang lagi.
Not bad...lakunan pelakun2nya bagus.